Does it actually work?

Yes! We have tested made adjustments to create the best solution.

Obviously every shoe will have different results depending on how dirty and old the sneaker is.

However we are not magicians and not all shoes can be saved.

How many sneakers at once?

We recommend one or two pairs of sneakers at once. This also will depend on how dirty the sneakers are.  Use the correct number of scoops instructed. 1 Scoop of powder is good for 1 pair of sneakers

How many sneakers can you clean from one packaging?

16 scoops are in a bag. However this  all depends on how many scoops are used per load and how many sneakers are in the washer.

Does it work on Air Force Ones?

A lot of customers have sent us their air force ones before and after pictures and it worked. Always wash at your own risk.

Safe on colors?

Yes. We do not use any bleach.

This is a color safe alternative to bleach

How much powder to use?

1 scoop for dirty soils

2 scoops for HEAVY soils

Do I need to scrub or wipe the shoes after?

Nope! They just need to air dry. Do not put them in the dryer machine.

Do I need to take the shoe laces and sole out?

You don’t need to. We have tested both ways but we personally do not take them out.

How long do I run the washing machine for?

Quick wash cycle with cold or cool water

Where do I put the powder?

Just toss the powder in with the sneakers

Do I need to add detergent?

Nope! Just the powder and sneakers is all you need!

Can I run it with my laundry / clothes?

No run with just the sneakers. Add white towel to support shoe and limit noise

Does leather shoes work?

Fabric sneakers work the best. Do not use on leather, wool, silk or velvet

My shoe has a bubble on it?

No problem. We did multiple tests on Nike Air Maxes and did not have any issues.