Laundry Cleaning Powder

The Sneaker Clean Cleaning Powder is the best solution for cleaning your sneakers without the labor.

No Scrubbing, No Soaking, No Bleaching!  The simple 4 step process will have your sneakers looking SNEAKY CLEAN!

Makes Whites Whiter

Safe on Colors

Stain Remover and Cleaner

Eliminates Odor

Free Scoop Included

Made in America

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  • Jess

    San Diego, CA

    It’s a miracle! Well done.
    Definitely works!

  • Johnny

    Miami, FL

    Tested and APPROVED!

    Five Stars!

  • Katie

    Boston, MA

    OMG I forgot these were neon! Just saved me from buying new shoes.

  • David

    Atlanta, GA

    Blown away by the results.
    I will be buying again.

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About Us

Sneaker Clean has created a brand-new line of cleaning solutions for your dirty sneakers.

The brand has conducted numerous tests, toured several factories, and worked with many R&D chemical plants to create the perfect cleaning solution for sneakers.

All that testing and experimentation finally came to fruition with their new product the Laundry Whitening Powder for Sneakers.

It is perhaps the best solution for cleaning people’s favorite sneakers yet!

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